Instagram Appetite

Unbelievably, the stats for the sharing of food photos on social media have gone large:

  • By the end of 2010, more than 80 billion photos were uploaded across a variety of social picture platforms (source).
  • At least once a month, 52% of mobile users take photos with their phones and 19% upload their photos to the web at least once a month (source).


I understand this trend even less than I do the massive selfie trend and I have to admit that this sign, outside a Dublin pub, made me chuckle.

The Web Psychologist gives some explanation below but I’d be interested in other thoughts on this sharing phenomenon.

Linked to Thursday Special.


10 thoughts on “Instagram Appetite

  1. well Debbie – what great find with that sign – and loved the chart – and while I like the reasons on there – I started taking food photos “to remember”
    To grab the moment of life and to have a photo that can trigger memories later…. more than just having it in our head.
    have a nice weekend 🙂


  2. I’ve gone as far as retweeting this (a sort of regurgitation?) with the comment do you “share” your food with the general public? Why? — and await the fall-out with trepidation… Haven’t dared to put anything on Instagram though!


  3. Unbelievable :D. I think I took my first food pic the beginning of May at Windsor :D, but never posted it. It is a weird world we live in! Thank you for the chuckle Deb 🙂


  4. Oh my, I had such a laugh when I saw that. To be honest, I rolled my eyes when this trend started, but I now feel tempted to photograph pretty food too. I was actually thinking the other day, that food might even have become prettier… I used to work in an ice-cream shop, and yes we looked to it that the balls were perfectly round and had an even dollop of cream and a perfect slice of fruit on top for the ones that were ordered in-store… but the other day I got one on the go, in a cone and it was shaped like a flower… it was perfection and I just had to take out my phone… and post it on facebook… and tag the friend I had the icecream… somehow it is a compliment to the people making the food so pretty and at the same time a possibility of showing how cool you are, having ice-cream with a friend… (I am a sociologist, can you tell? Haha.)


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