Home of Venetian Glass


In Murano, there are plenty of opportunities to see the famous glass being blown.  It is worth going along for a demo, just to experience the sheer heat and to appreciate the huge manual effort involved.  You’ll likely be with a swarm of other tourists; I found it hard to see the finer detail and harder still to hear the commentary, but it was definitely worth experiencing.  I wouldn’t, however, recommend buying on one of these tours.  There are many stories of hiked prices, so take your time, check out the shops and smaller workshops around the island before you make your purchase.

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I hadn’t done my homework, so I just went to the first one I found.  However, there are plenty of websites giving suggestions and reviews a-plenty on Tripadvisor.

Linked to Cee’s B&W challenge.


8 thoughts on “Home of Venetian Glass

  1. I love watching the glass masters working their magic! There are some furnaces that do 5 minute demos and others that just let you watch for as long as you want so pick carefully. But either way, its still pretty amazing that they can make such wonderful creations out of sand! Great post, cheers!


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