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Promenading the Banks of Canal Saint-Martin

I love a waterside walk and Paris obliges with the Seine, of course. But it has another waterway that makes for a pleasant stroll, one that isn’t so well known by tourists and therefore more likely to provide a moment of peace in this busy city. Though, on the bright autumn day that I chose to investigate the canal, the locals were there in force to enjoy the rays.


Take a little stroll up the east bank with me and you’ll see why it has become my new favourite place for a Paris promenade.  It’s easy to reach – just a short walk from Place de la Republique (see map at end of post).


It really was the perfect day to take this stroll.


…or to sit and not stroll.

a1-7041There are several crossing points, some just pedestrian, but a couple are swing road bridges.


It wasn’t just busy on the banks, there was a fair bit of water traffic too.


Which kept the turning bridges busy.


When I got to the bend in the canal at Jardin Villemin, I crossed the bridge there and headed back down the opposite bank.  I had fallen and twisted my ankle badly before the start of this walk and by now I had decided it wasn’t something I could walk off.  It was time to buy some frozen peas and ice my injury!


map 1
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  1. How absolutely lovely! Definitely a happy thing to find in spite of the setback from the injury.


  2. I loved it, till your last remark! Poor you! 😦
    We planned a canal cruise when we were there last August, Debbie, but arrived just in time to miss the boat! (we’d been walking with Orlando in Montmartre 🙂 ) It was perhaps as well as the skies opened and it poured! We strolled down towards the Seine when it stopped. The basin area was fabulous with pedal boats, etc. Thank you for featuring this walk. It’s one I always intended to write but time moves on, doesn’t it? 🙂


  3. That looks like such a beautiful, peaceful walk. How did you find out about it? (I was going to say ‘stumble upon it”, but given your ankle injury, that didn’t seem appropriate! Did the frozen peas do the trick?

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    • The guy I did the Venice photo workshop with also does trips to Paris and he recommended this area.
      Yes, they did thanks. I had to buy another pack for overnight treatment and was really worried I wouldn’t be able to walk by Sunday morning when it would be harder to find a shop open. But peas and a good bandage worked wonders and I was able to continue my explorations the next day 🙂

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