Home Town Refreshed

I was born in what is now part of Greater Manchester.  We moved away when I was five, but in recent years business has taken me back there frequently and I’ve got to know the city anew.  Of course it has changed in many ways, with the Salford Quay area undergoing major redevelopment as part of a millennium project.

On a sunny day, my love of water takes me out to the Quays.  There’s space here; open skies; a striking bridge; sparkling, modern architecture; strong lines and reflections.  There’s even the Lowry Centre for a spot of culture.


The Lowry Bridge, as it is often known, or Salford Quays Millennium footbridge to use its official name, is a 91.2-metre long vertical lift bridge that spans the Manchester Ship Canal.


It’s always good when you find something new to love in a city you think you already know.


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19 thoughts on “Home Town Refreshed

  1. Does it open for shipping then, Debbie? Or at a specific time of day? The Newcastle one opens at midday, daily. Love your photos! 🙂 Must arrange a Manchester visit at some point.


  2. I’d love to visit Manchester. My family is from there, but unfortunately I’ve never been! I’d have to be reminded what area we are from though, as there are so many!


  3. This is one fantastic bridge and your photos give it an added drama. It’s an interesting response to the prompt. Also your mention of the Manchester Ship Canal chimed with me. My maternal ancestors are Mancunians, and my great grandmother as a young widow of a Bolton shuttle manufacturer had an inn on the banks of the Ship Canal at Hollinfare, which was how she came to marry a master mariner who was a pilot on the Ship Canal in its brief heyday. All of which, along with your photos, reminds us of how wonderfully Manchester has re-invented itself.


    1. I have to say a few of our cities have done a great job of reinvention in the last decade or two. Manchester still has its friendly vibe and industrial history, plus all of this wonderful new stuff. My daughter is there at uni now too. What a fascinating family history – you should be on “Who Do You Think You Are” 🙂

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  4. great entry for the TS theme (and the ones I have seen so far have made me love this theme) and in this post – I love the ending with the 3rd photo- what a fascinating bridge and structures ….


    1. the Millennium projects created some wonderful new structures here in the Uk, and we seem to have had a real burst of exciting new architecture since then. It is probably more striking here than in the big US cities because we have so much old stuff to contrast with the new.

      On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 10:20 AM, Travel with Intent wrote:


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        1. It’s hard to believe now how much panic there was before the millennium – planes dropping out of the sky, computer systems crashing…

          On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 11:18 AM, Travel with Intent wrote:



  5. True! It is always good to find something new to love in a city you think you already know. 🙂 These would look good in black and white too, I think. I love the design of your Lowry Bridge, and your frames could not be better.


  6. I walked across the bridge when I was in Manchester a few years ago – it is vey distinctive and I liked it. Nice photographic interpretation showing the three perspectives.


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