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Chocolatey Reward

To be frank, being in Madrid for a few days with nothing to do but wander was reward enough for me.

But then a friend dragged me into a chocolateria.  I’m not (or maybe I should say I wasn’t) a great fan of Spanish hot chocolate – it is generally too thick and too sweet for me.  But…

a1-20141119-_DSC83306000 x 4000

…as you can see, I guzzled half the cup before even thinking to snap a photo!  It was delicious, still a tad too sweet for me, but as a coating for crispy, succulent churros it couldn’t be faulted.

The culprit of my chocolatey downfall?

a1-20141119-_DSC83336000 x 4000

Chocolatería San Ginés is a veritable institution, popular with all ages, at all times and with locals and tourists alike.  So whether you want a sweet breakfast, an afternoon break or a post-clubbing pick-me-up, get yourself along here, pay at the counter, get your ticket and collect your chocolate.  Be prepared to queue, with the satisfaction that your patience will be well and truly rewarded.

Chocolatería San Ginés, Pasadizo de San Gines 5 (close to San Ginés church). Open 24 hours.

Posted by Debbie Smyth, March 2015aDSC_0636_pp
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  1. Debbie, me encanta que hayas disfrutado tanto de esa taza de chocolate caliente con churros en Madrid.
    Yo también creo que es demasiado dulce y un poco espeso para mi gusto, pero es verdad que con los churros resulta una merienda estupenda, al menos de vez en cuándo. Si otra vez andas por Madrid sin mucho que hacer, me encantaría saberlo por si pudiera recomendarte algún sitio (yo vivo aquí), aunque por las fotos que voy viendo creo que a lo mejor me las recomendarias tu.


    • Hi Mariángeles I will certainly let you know. I love Madrid and hope to get back later this year – your local recommendations would be much appreciated Debbie

      2015-03-05 22:20 GMT+00:00 Travel with Intent :



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