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Some Like It Hot!

a1_20150309_20150309__DSC1696_3936 x 2624

A thing of abstract beauty

Following on from the slightly oversweet, but churros-perfect hot chocolate experience in Madrid, I thought I’d try out one of London’s best.

The wonderful chocolate aroma that hit me the minute I walked in transported me to a sunlit heaven.

a1_20150309_20150309__DSC1694_3936 x 2624

The chocolates here at Paul A Young are all made on site, in the kitchen at each shop.  I could hear them working away downstairs while I browsed the overwhelming selection of chocolates upstairs.  So hard to decide…

I tried some of the samples to aid the decision…

Then I made my choice

a1_20150308_20150308__DSC1688_3936 x 2624

a1_20150308_20150308__DSC1686_3936 x 2624

and I bought a cup of hot chocolate too.

There is no cafe here, so it’s back outside to enjoy the warming drink.  It was perfect! It had a real chocolate flavour, aromatic, with a hint of bitterness and not too much sugar. They also have a small selection of spices that you can add to suit your personal taste.  As a first-timer, I took mine naked, but I shall be back and will be probably be tempted to add a smidgen of chilli.

There are currently four Paul A Young locations in London.  I visited the Soho store, at 143 Wardour Street.  They change the chocolate flavours regularly, so there will be plenty of excuses to return or to try the other outposts.


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  1. Yum… the best hot chocolate is slightly bitter, not too much sugar. 🙂 I just had that discussion with my mom earlier this evening. She likes hers sweeter.


  2. Can’t get any sweeter 🙂 I love it Debbie, and I believe Suzanne will too. I like the way your mind works, and isn’t that the point to go out of one’s usual ways…


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