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Herding Horses in the Camargue – week 4

We are in the Camargue again for the fourth of this month’s One Four photo editing challenge.  Can you believe it’s the final week already!

a1_20150523_20150523__DSC8394_6000 x 4000-5_FotoSketcher2For this edit, I started with the image from week 3 and imported it into FotoSketcher.  Here, I converted to a pencil sketch and added a heavy brushstroke frame.

What did you think of my edits this month?

 aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 22 June 2015

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  1. Ugh! That was such a hard decision on which one vote for. I chose Week 1 because the warmth of the light glistening on the horses’ bellies. That tone is gorgeous. Fantastic job this month 🙂


  2. I hesitated between weeks 1 & 2 – in the end the warm glow of your first edits have won. I really enjoyed your series Debbie – romantic, lots of energy and power!


  3. I don’t think I would have done anything with the original, Debs. I would have been ecstatic to take a shot like that! But yes- a little refinement, but those colours are scintillating 🙂


  4. How did I miss 4 weeks of this image. I love it. I think the basic edits work the best, highlighting the light and shadow and the pinkish hues of the day. Wow! 🙂


  5. Hi Debbie – I really do like the suggestion of this week’s edition – leaves plenty to the viewer’s imagination.
    My favourites though are in fact the original and week 1. I like the warmth in them 🙂
    Such a memorable image and so captivating!


  6. such a fabulous photo…very hard to decide which version i liked best..but I think week 1 basic edits does it for me! The pencil sketch this week is very cool too..but I think I like it better as a photo with all the details of the water drops.


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