Lines and Shadows

a1_20150921_20150921__DSC0976_6000 x 4000

The beautiful curves of this Edinburgh terrace catch the early evening shadows of neighbouring buildings, whilst the autumn sun makes a virtue of the grid of drainpipes.

Adieu Edinburgh. Hope to be back soon!

Linked to Shadow Shot Sunday
aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 23 September 2015

10 thoughts on “Lines and Shadows

  1. I would choose this one for the on-line gallery but then …it maybe too quirky! Choosing 5 pics for the online gallery is an agonizing task! When do you need to have it done?


      1. I gasped )first reaction). But then I thought of Kim Clement who is an amazing musican (Kim or org, I forget), and had a bleed in the brain 2 weeks ago, and he came out of surgery fine. I know it’s a different problem, but brain matters are always serious. So, I will keep you in prayer, my friend:)
        You might not be able to participate because of all the meds. they give you. (I worked in a hospital, and my brother is an M.D. so this is familiar territory for me.)


      2. Hello Debbie, it’s Fri night – almost 2 am and was reading up on your operation – there may be some challenges afterwards that you may not expect, such as having to adjust your life, feeling alone or depressed, or confused, having difficulty with decisions. These MAY happen. so give yourself some time to adust, and surround yourself with friends. If they don’t live close by, maybe the hospital has a group for people who have gone through similar operations. If you’re in a jam, don’t hesitate to email me whenever – and the reason does not matter (really!)


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