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A Winter Stroll on Beach Street

Yesterday I had planned a local walk (with a bit of christmas shopping at various points) but the weather was soggily wet and dully dreary so I hopped on a train and headed to the coast.

a1_20151213_20151213_untitled_004_6000 x 4000

I picked Deal – easy train journey, seafront, castle and dry weather.  Well positioned between Dover and Sandwich.

a1_20151213_20151213_untitled_075_6000 x 4000

A short walk from the station gets you to the High Street, then  turn left and head north, turning right onto the seafront.

No crowds here on such a grey and chilly day, but there were plenty of fishermen.  Turn right for a pleasant walk to the pier, also full of fishermen!

a1_20151213_20151213_untitled_007_6000 x 4000

This is actually the third pier to bless Deal.  The first was built in 1838, but financial problems limited its length to  250 feet as opposed to the planned 445 feet.  Storms and sandworm soon attacked the pier and it was washed away in 1857,  its remains being sold for £50.  A new pier opened in 1864 and a reading room and salt baths were added in the 1870s.  Sadly, in 1940 the Dutch vessel Nora hit the pier, destroying a large portion of the structure.  Winston Churchill gave the army permission to demolish the pier to allow coastal guns a clear line of sight.

The current concrete version was opened in 1957 by the Duke of Edinburgh.  It has suffered several bouts of weather damage, but is still there and has achieved international recognition as an angling venue.

a1_20151213_20151213_untitled_044_6000 x 4000

After the pier, turn left and head south towards Dover.  It’s a lovely walk and I’m sure the views would be fantastic if the sun managed to get through the clouds.  But you can enjoy a peek at all the fishermen’s boats as you walk.

a1_20151213_20151213_untitled_066_6000 x 4000

Once you’ve had enough walking, turn around and head back towards town and turn off Beach Street to visit the castle.

a1_20151213_20151213_untitled_077_6000 x 4000

There are plenty of pubs if you need a drink, otherwise it’s just a short return to the station for the hourly train back to London.

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  1. How cool to just take a spur of the moment train ride to the coast! Love the Kent coast, but not stopped at Deal. I do like Sandwich and I love that signpost!


  2. Obviously wet, miserable weather is good for fishing! I used to fish, but I prefer to be out on a boat in the early morning on a quiet lake. But, I do enjoy walking along piers and waterfronts and seeing other people with their rods in the water.


  3. Not the best-looking pier ever, Debs, but a practical one 🙂 And when you’re standing on it you probably don’t even notice. Never been to Deal but it looks reminiscent of a few of our seaside towns. Good idea to escape the crowds. It’s reaching fever pitch in the shops 😦
    Anabel takes us to your lovely Water of Leith haunt this week. I will get there one day! Many thanks, darlin’.


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