Black Castle

a1_20150306_20150306__DSC1552_4000 x 6000

Black Castle stands on South Queensferry’s High Street.  The sea-captain who had the house built in 1626, was lost at sea. His maid was accused of paying a beggar woman to cast a spell to get rid of him; both women were burned at the stake for their supposed witchcraft.

a1_20150306_20150306__DSC1554_6000 x 4000


#000000 color imageHex colour ref:  #000000

A colourful note: the term Black comes from Old English blæc, of Germanic origin, and meaning dark.  Needless to say, this basic shade was an original crayon for Crayola when they brought out their first box in 1903.

An uncolourful note: black is completely lacking in light and is the obvious opposite to white.


CoaDSC_0636_pppyright Debbie Smyth, 10 January 2016



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