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Misty Walk Along the Thames

This week I’m going to take you along the Thames from Blackfriars Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge on a misty January day.

a1_20160106_20160106_aLondon_004_6000 x 4000

Blackfriars Bridge

a1_20160106_20160106_aLondon_007_6000 x 4000

and a high tide

a1_20160106_20160106_aLondon_012_6000 x 4000

Looking back towards Blackfriars and the City of London beyond

a1_20160106_20160106_aLondon_031_6000 x 4000

A quiet early morning walk but there were plenty of seagulls to keep me company

a1_20160106_20160106_aLondon_028_6000 x 4000

Past the Oxo Tower to reach Gabriel’s Wharf and the London TV centre

a1_20160106_20160106_London_056_6000 x 4000

Reached the Southbank Centre just in time – the heavens opened and I grabbed a cuppa until the rain stopped

a1_20160106_20160106_London_058_6000 x 4000

Under the Golden Jubilee Bridges

a1_20160106_20160106_London_081_6000 x 4000

A little further to get to the London Eye and there’s even a hint of sun a this point

a1_20160106_20160106_London_002_6000 x 4000

Under Westminster Bridge for a good view of Big Ben, then continue along the river to enjoy a good view of the Palace of Westminster

a1_20160106_20160106_London_017_6000 x 4000

The next bridge is Lambeth Bridge

a1_20160106_20160106_London_021_6000 x 4000

Well past Lambeth Bridge now and the Palace of Westminster is still in view

At this point I had run out of time and had to get to work!  I crossed the Vauxhall Bridge and turned right, back towards the centre of town and past Tate Britain.

a1_20160106_20160106_London_050_6000 x 4000

A final photo – a hazy view of the Shard

Then camera away and off I dashed.

Linked to Monday Walk
aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 1 February 2016



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