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St Albans in February

a1_20160227_20160227_StAlbans_06209890_6000 x 4000

The four trees in Verulamium Park

February has very nearly gone and, finally, I’m sharing a few views of my home town this month.

a1_20160227_20160227_StAlbans_07909907_6000 x 4000

St Alban’s Cathedral

a1_20160227_20160227_StAlbans_02609854_6000 x 4000

A smoky day at the lake in Verulamium Park

The water levels have dropped a little and there a few hints of spring.  In addition, a portion of Roman wall in the Park is undergoing some serious conservation work.

a1_20160227_20160227_StAlbans_00309831_6000 x 4000

And to finish off the month, here are a couple more views of the four trees that I’m so fond of.

a1_20160227_20160227_StAlbans_06609894_6000 x 4000

The four treetops with some very welcome blue sky

a1_20160227_20160227_StAlbans_00809836_8192 x 1856

The four treetops on a cold, wintry morning

Taking part in Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons Challenge and Outdoor Wednesday
 aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 29 February 2016



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  1. That cathedral is so beautiful and I can see why you like those trees. The irregularity (is that a word?) makes them an eyecatcher.


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