Oberbaumbrücke at Sunset

a1_20150531_20150531__DSC9903_6000 x 4000-2
U-bahn crossing the Oberbaumbrücke
a1_20150531_20150531__DSC9903_6000 x 4000
Mural, Berlin, May 2015

#ffcf48 color imageHex colour ref:  #ffcf48

A colourful note:  sunglow was a new name and shade, joining the Crayola fluorescent collection in 1990.

This light orange, a cheerful shade of gold, is a good depiction, which is often used to refer to the colour of the sky after sunset.  The first recorded use of sunglow as a colour name in English was in 1924.



aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 9 April 2016


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16 thoughts on “Oberbaumbrücke at Sunset

  1. Nice and peaceful mural:) In the time I lived there, I can’t remember seeing murals at all. But now they have painted on the previous “wall” it must be much more common!
    Have a great weekend, and also a kind reminder for linking up to Seasons:) Now open from Sun-Wed.


      1. We were there when it was still East and West Berlin (1972)! And you had to go through checkpoint Charlie to go to East Berlin. Why do they lock the gate? Oh, and what do you mean with that the views haven’t changed much?


        1. Oh, I’m going mad – I was thinking we were talking about my Belfast post, where they still lock the gates in the wall at night! and teh Protestant / Catholic split is still very noticeable in a lot of areas.

          So now I’ll return to Berlin: I was out there before the wall came down too, and it is so different now. I really enjoyed my last visit there – great walks all over the city, especially along water, great museums and galleries and some stunning new architecture. It felt friendly and well united, though I wasn’t there long and my German is by no means fluent. The only security concerns I was aware of, were armed guards outside a synagogue near my hotel.

          On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 12:33 AM, Travel with Intent wrote:



        2. Wow, they’re taking the synagogue serious! Thank you for the update of Berlin.
          My son was there for a few days (a few years ago), but since he grew up in the US, he does not know the historical side – that makes all the difference in how you look at a city!

          Now about Belfast: am surprised things are religiously still very split:(

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