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See the World Afresh through a Camera

Back in 2012, prompted by a desire to share my passion for travelling and for writing, I kicked off this travel blog.  It has brought me huge enjoyment, but I soon realised that no matter how good my words might be, images were equally important.  Sadly, my photography skills just weren’t good enough but I’m not easily deterred.  I bought a new camera, read a few books, joined an excellent beginner’s class close to home, and was soon completely addicted.

Photography has brought out an artistic side in me, an aspect that had previously been hidden by my lack of skill with crayon and paintbrush.  More than that, though, it has taught me to see the world afresh.  At home or abroad, in sun or rain, happy or sad, I can see beauty in everything around me.

My camera has taught me to notice things, to be observant, to look around, and up, and down.  And it has introduced me to new friends and acquaintances, as we’re a very friendly and communicative bunch, us photographers.


New angles with my camera  –  Slottsparken,  Oslo,  October 2016


My passion (or obsession, some may say!)  has even encouraged a few of my friends to join in too, which has prompted me to share my photography discoveries, thoughts and tips here on my blog.  More photography guidance posts will follow.



aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 16 October 2016




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  1. I echo your feelings to a large extent, Debs, though I’ll never become technically proficient. I popped in here because as I read the opening I thought you were going to say you were quitting blogging. 🙂 Dad died whilst I was in the Algarve and the funeral is tomorrow so my blogging is on hold.


    • No danger of me giving up. I enjoy it too much! Funnily enough I’m trying to get more into writing. Travel writing is what I always wanted to do (libraries, computers and cash machines got in the way!) and now I’m trying to give it a go! With photography to support it.

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