Coastal Path

Ploumanac’h Lighthouse,  Brittany,  September 2016

The Ploumanac’h lighthouse is easily viewed from the coastal footpath, Sentier des Douaniers, a gentle stroll from Saint-Guirec.  The first lighthouse here was built in 1860.  Sadly, it was destroyed in 1944 but was replaced by the current structure in 1946.  Its official name is Phare de Mean Ruz, from the Breton phrase Men Ruz, meaning “red stone”.  Interestingly, its original format was grey granite; it is only in the new version that it became pink.

On the right, is the Korrigan bedecked building seen in colour here.


aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 21 October 2016


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    1. More moody! The sun wasn’t keen on appearing at dawn during my week there, but on this (my last morning) it came out and gave me a wonderful pre-breakfast walk

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