Arches in Candlelight

a1_20170201_LondonDSC0637520170201_6000 x 4000_FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS-3.jpg
Looking down the nave of Southwark Cathedral,  London,  February 2017

Southwark Cathedral welcomes photographers (of any level) to a candlelit evening just a few times a year.  It was wonderful to be able to wander freely and enjoy the setting in the warm and welcoming light of candles.

If you fancy visiting yourself, the next candlelit evening will take place on 7 June 2017.  Being a summer evening (albeit a British one) there should also be evening sunlight shining through the stunning stained glass windows.  I highly recommend this, and with tickets at just £10 it a great value evening.  But do book fast, as numbers are tightly limited.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 3 February 2017


Part of Weekend in B&W


17 thoughts on “Arches in Candlelight

    1. I have booked already! (but I know that work is likely to intervene unfortunately) so there may be a spare going!
      I managed to book for this week’s event just four or five days before (I got the last one!) so you may be lucky anyway.

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    1. It’s a great idea – we all got a good welcome and had the opportunity to appreciate the architecture in peace and quiet. And plenty of us show them off on social media!
      And for something old, down at the far end of the nave (behind me when I took this shot) is the retro-choir, the oldest remaining part of the Cathedral, dating back to 13th century.

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  1. I love that Cathedral, Debbie. I visited in 2015 because it has absorbed several of the Parishes where my ancestors were baptised/married etc. I note it only became a Cathedral in 1906, well after the ancestral records to which I refer.

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    1. Yes, it has a long history and serves a vast area of London, stretching all the way to Gatwick! It’s a place a wander past a lot to wander along the Thames and visit the great market. Now I’m going to return and look at it in more detail in daylight

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