Garden of Light

Luminescent daffodils for Marie Curie Charity,  Paternoster Square,  London,  March 2017

2,100 luminescent daffodils have been on display in Paternoster Square as part of this March’s Great Daffodil Appeal.  Each flower represents a Marie Curie nurse, symbolising the amazing care and support they give to families affected by terminal illness. Visitors can leave a message to a loved one on the memory wall that stands beside the flowers.


The display is only in London for one more day, closing on 12 March, but will be in Edinburgh 16-18 March.  To support the charity, you can respond to their annual March campaign by donating here.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 11 March 2017


Part of My Sunday Photo and All Seasons


20 thoughts on “Garden of Light

    1. Yes, that was the plan – although they look pretty realistic, they are artificial. When I was reviewing the photo I thought I had a lot of grain from my high ISO, but then remembered they weren’t natural!


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    1. It was much smaller than I expected. Was hard to get an impressive photo.
      I went in to do my monthly view down shots as the sun came out. But I was very lucky to see the daffodils – just chance as I’d forgotten it closed so soon.

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