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Before and After

Before the Canary Wharf that we see today, this area was one of the busiest docks in the world.  The first dock in East London opened in the 1690s and business grew rapidly after that, with its peak in the nineteenth century.  But from the 1960s, the port industry began to decline and all of the docks were closed down by 1980.

Construction of the current Canary Wharf began in 1989 and it is now a major business area in London.  Its name was chosen to subtly link its history with its location here on the Isle of Dogs.  It refers back to a specific part of the Import Dock, a berth built in 1936 for Fruit Lines Ltd, a subsidiary of Fred Olsen Lines for the Mediterranean and Canary Islands fruit trade. Now, the name Gran Canaria comes from canine and was given to those islands because of the large dogs found there by the Spanish.  So Isle of Dogs and Canary dogs come together to name this area.

That was the historical before and after; here is an editing before and after.  What do you think? Colourful or colourless?




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 26 March 2017

Posted as part of B&W Sunday

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  1. Today I prefer the colour one, tomorrow it will most certainly be black and white 😀 In any case it is a superb shot, Debbie. Did you get on board to take photos specifically? 🙂


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