Grandiose mask at Ca’ Sagredo,  Venice Carnival,  February 2017

Over to all of you to join the one word challenge with your own grandiose post, or with a post based on any single word that takes your fancy.  I’m off travelling again at the moment so may be a bit slow coming over to see your posts – but I’ll catch up when I get back.

Thanks to everyone who went stripy last week:



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Julie’s Camera Blog
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And as some food for future thought,  the next couple of single words will be Comfort (2 April) and Fire (9 April).




Copyright Debbie Smyth,  26 March 2017

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11 thoughts on “Grandeur

  1. Oh good, was away all weekend myself:) Wow, to be grand in Venice must be really on a high level! Is this a real person or one out of wax? Hope you have recouped from your travels! Have great week, Debbie!

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    1. A real person. And charming.
      She came to pose for us in this ornate rom and staircase. Immaculate mask and costume and fantastic artwork behind.
      I hope you had a lovely weekend. I’m travelling at the moment. In beautiful Azerbaijan.


      1. Oh wow, you travel to far and less known places! One of the countries where I not have been (what was formerly called the USSR). Am curious as to the culture. Is it more like Eastern Europe, or more Middle Eastern like Turkey, etc.?
        Don’t have to answer this right away:):) Have a lovely week!

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      2. Just home!
        It had a different feel – a mix of Turkey, Russia and more western Europe. Beautiful mosques, secular education, mix of Azerbaijani and Russian language and very friendly people.


    1. Yes. I love it for that too.
      The poseurs love to act professionally. And as long as us photographers are polite they do everything they can to do what we ask. A perfect symbiosis!


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