Sweet Pink

Ladurée shop,  Burlington Arcade,  London,  April 2017


Accompanying the pink lady in the window, there are plenty of pink macaroons in the cavern of the shop.  The flavours vary with the season, but the pinks include rose, ginger and raspberry. 

#f780a1 color imageHex colour reference: #f780a1

A colourful note: Crayola’s pink sherbert is a dark dusky pink, not a match for the sweet, fizzy white powder that I loved to coat liquorice with in my childhood.  In the US, however, sherbert is a type of frozen dessert so presumably this crayon name is much more apt there.

The shade first appeared in Crayola boxes in 1997, and was named after Frank Brink in their Blue Heroes collection.  It remained Brink Pink until 2005 when it was renamed pink sherbert.


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 17 April 2017

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