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Afternoon tea in a leisurely style



Afternoon tea on a double decker, London, April 2017




Empty plate! – sadly these things happen!


Bad for the waistline! – refill arrived

Thanks and congratulations to Brigit’s Bakery


Do please come and join us on a Saturday: simply share a post containing just 6 words. Now, many of us openly break that rule and share far more words (all excellent of course!) so the key rule is to have a title of six words – and then create around that the post that you desire!  In bunches of 6 words if at all possible!

To join the challenge, put a link in your post consisting of the URL of this post. Then come back here and leave a comment. If you have any problems with placing the link, just put your own URL into the comment. And feel free to socialise digitally – tweet, instagram, flickr, etc. with the hashtagtags #SixWordSaturday and #6WS.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 22 April 2017

Posted as part of Six Word Saturday

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