11 thoughts on “Wet day on Manhattan streets

  1. You had me there for a minute…I saw the snow and thought this was a current pic!!! It is cold and rainy here in Virginia today so I did think POSSIBLY???

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    1. I love it too. But part was closed when I was there – because of the snow. Oh yes great to have local knowledge to guide your trip. Much better than depending on a guide book.

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    1. Yes, it can be a great thing to do, especially as I love reflections.
      But I wasn’t saying that at the time, as I was wet, and my fingers were frozen solid, and I fell over on the ice twice! But camera survived 🙂


      1. Yikes Debbie, that might be taking your art a little too far – glad though you didn’t get frostbite and that the camera survived!


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