Two women reflecting peacefully in sunlight

Reflecting women at Amsthaus III,  Zurich,  April 2017


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 13 May 2017

Posted as part of  Six Word Saturday

28 thoughts on “Two women reflecting peacefully in sunlight

      1. Thanks Debbie, I’ll let him know (hoping he might write more frequently this year so your feedback will help 🙂 enormously with my plan)


  1. Nice photo, Debbie. I’m about to start modeling with clay (when I find a spare few minutes, that is!) but I doubt what I create will be as impressive as those statues! I can dream and hope though… and you never know, I MAY be a natural! 😀 Happy Saturday!

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  2. I did not know what Six Word Saturday was. After reading everyone’s comments and re-reading your words, and studying your photo, I have to say: what a great post today!!

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