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Palace reconstruction


Reconstruction of the Berliner Stadtschloss,  Berlin,  May 2017

The Berliner Stadtschloss was a royal palace, winter residence of the Kings of Prussia and the German Emperors, originally built in the fifteenth century.  It was subject to seriously damage during WWII.  The fragile building was destroyed and removed in 1950 by the GDR.

However, t is now under reconstruction, due to open in late 2019 when it will become the home of the Humboldtforum museum and congress complex.





Copyright Debbie Smyth, 3 June 2017

Posted as part of Photo a Week

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  1. Debbie, I love the juxtaposition of the old (statue) and the new (the yellow crane and silos) in the close-up. I hope they are able to rebuild some of the beautiful buildings destroyed during the war and cold war. Great pictures! Thanks for joining the challenge!

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    • Yes, it was the contrast of colour and age that attracted me. They have done some excellent renovation work so far. The Cathedral was badly damaged and now looks smart with replacement dome and I’m sure plenty more work. This palace will be very interesting to see when complete.

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  2. I love looking at these old buildings – the architecture is so different to what we have now. I glad that this building is finally being restored instead of demolished.

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    • I think it’s probably same site but an in between building. Something was built in the 70s. It contained asbestos and work was done to remove the asbestos in the 90s so that may be what is happening in the picture. They knocked that down in 2005ish and made it a park. I think this actual rebuild work only started in 2013. I must look back at some of my old photos and see if I have any shots of its in between life.

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