Three Bridges

Queensferry Crossing,  Forth Road Bridge & Forth Rail Bridge,  Scotland,  July 2017



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 11 July 2017

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5 thoughts on “Three Bridges

  1. Just to give my age away…the first time I crossed the Forth (by car) was on the Ferry at of course Queensferry. But that was a way of life across Northern Scotland with ferry’s at all significant rivers and Lochs……they were fun, you didn’t complain about the long queues just got out of the car and talked to other travellers whilst waiting for the next ferry. That said it is great that so many bridges were built even in the remotest of regions, thankfully most are architecturally sympathetic to the landscape they are in. Still miss the Stromeferry across Loch Carron.

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    1. No comment on your age! I undrstand your view on ferries – a real part of many communities and a key part of many of my travels. I also have a soft spot for bridges – whether old or new, they often have stunning design and an element of charisma.

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  2. What a mismatch of architectural styles. But, you know what, the end results works (at least for me).


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