5 thoughts on “Castle and Cavalry

  1. That is gorgeous. The one day I spent in Edinburgh (definitely not enough) it was overcast and drizzly. – But since I have you for information – I just read an article on pronunciation of place names. For years I’ve been telling German friends that it is not pronounced Edin-BURG but Edin-BORROW (kind of) and now the article tells me it is properly pronounced Edin-BUR’ . What IS the correct way? (reminds me of the discussion I had a few years back with a German who knows barely any English and a Germam who speaks English reasonably well – the first one pronounce the name SAY-AN, the other one corrected him pronouncing it SEEN, and neither believed me when I said SHAWN. We were talking about Sean Connery, of course. I did not dare to tell them about Siobhan. 🙂 )

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    1. Ha ha! Sayan is trying to sound knowledgeable and Seen is probably a common mispronunciation!

      We have quite a variety of accents in Britain so there’ll be some variations on Edinburgh. Anywhere between Edin-bru and Edin-buru (maybe even Edinborrow for a posh southern accent)

      In the last 2 years I’ve found the spring weather up there to be very obliging. Summer has ben much water and this year June was exceedingly damp! So I’d say try Spring or Autumn if you get back.

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      1. Thanks for clearing that up. Now, Edinbru makes sense (I guess the Edinbur’ in the article was typo – an indication of the quality of the publication!). And about the time of year – I’ll take anything if I can get it!


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