Mushrooms in the sky


This mushroom seems to be appreciating the London summer.

This is one of many fungal pieces by Christiaan Nagel, an artist born in South Africa and now based in London.  These mushrooms are usually found perched on rooftops and high ledges. They are made from polyurethane, a light and malleable material, perfect for attaching with ease and safety in high positions.  Nagel chose mushrooms because of their transient nature, a perfect match for the ever-changing aspect street art.

The spread of the fungi is not limited to London.  They can be spotted in many cities around the world, and he went over to Frankfurt a few days ago so if you’re there be sure to look up.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 28 July 2017

Posted as part of Skywatch Friday

7 thoughts on “Mushrooms in the sky

  1. An idea like this only can come from an artist (smile):) In my mind I can hear people talking to each other when seeing it “What is THAT?”
    “It looks like a …eh …uh? It sorta reminds of a …”
    “Nah, you’re seeing ghosts, that’s just too strange!!”
    “Well in my dreams it could be ..a …
    Pulling on her arm, “let’s carry on!”
    Many thanks Debbie for this one of a kind image for All Seasons!

    Liked by 1 person

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