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Intoxicating Structure


Cité du Vin,  Bordeaux,  May 2017

No oak here! This fruity number has a smooth body, a crisp finish and a hint of metallic aroma.


This appealing new addition to your itinerary in Bordeaux will leave you with a soft and lingering aftertaste.





Bordeaux’s wine museum, opened in May 2016

The Cité du Vin will tell you everything you could want to know about wine, in a hands on and high-tech manner.  And there’s a glass of wine awaiting you at the top of the structure.


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 31 August 2017


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    • A massive contrast to the traditional and historic city of Bordeaux. This building is on the edge of town, on the river, where it can make its modern contribution to the place without conflicting with history.


      • PS Just wanted to let you know if you spot I don’t reply to your replies to my comments on your post, for some reason I am no longer getting notifications of replies to my comments on other blogs! My settings say I should get them so not sure what has happened or what is going on . . . hoping it is a temporary fault.

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      • Never worry. I am not easily offended 🙂
        Seriously, technical problems aside (and they abound), our lives are too busy to worry abut sticking to blogging rules and permanent politeness. I have been amazed at the friendliness of blogging and I’ll never be worried about people’s lack of responses. Unless I think it could be a serious health problem.
        So chill, and I hope the systems come back to normal for you!


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