Knock knock


Doors in Lisbon,  May 2017




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 9 November 2017

Posted as part of Norm’s Thursday Doors

14 thoughts on “Knock knock

  1. Woah, I was in Lisbon in April…isn’t it just a door heaven! As soon as I saw your first shot, I thought, yes, Lisbon! Great finds ( I didn’t find these ones) all those amazing buildings, Everest streets, doors,windows,graffiti and such a style the city has… lovely! My Lisbon doors are saved for a rainy winter Thursday 🙂 Lovely shots…


  2. That last one is really great. I enjoy the graffiti/street art, but if it were my building or door, I probably wouldn’t. 🙂 But it appears at least some of these are empty buildings, so maybe the owner/s aren’t interested right now.



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