Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral,  December 2017

Manchester Cathedral is undergoing serious redevelopment.  It has suffered severe physical challenges in the past, including substantial damage during the Blitz in 1940 and the IRA bombing in 1996.

Change is underway.  Physical work, such as improved heating and lighting, have been taking place since 2013.  The development plan includes both improvement to access and environment, and extension of its role in the local community.

The Medieval Quarter in which the cathedral sits is changing too, and the Cathedral is a key part of the general redevelopment.  This will be an important area of the city for both locals and visitors.

The external work, especially on the Bell Tower, required some new, lower angles for me and my camera.




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 17 December 2017

Posted as part of My Sunday Photo

11 thoughts on “Manchester Cathedral

  1. As a Mancunian by birth (and living there in the years after the War) and whilst no longer living there, I still watch with great interest and some pride just how well this great industrial and commercial City, one of the original ‘power houses’ has continued to grow and develop a new identity in keeping with the 21st century. That said I always felt that despite all the developments that the Cathedral always seemed to be forgotten, side-lined. At long last the Cathedral is getting the attention it deserves.


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