Emma meets the Beast

Regents Park and the BT Tower,  London,  March 2018




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 2 March 2018

Posted as part of Weekend in B&W

18 thoughts on “Emma meets the Beast

  1. Lovely photo. Regents Park was my playground as a child in the 1970s. I don’t ever remember seeing snow at all which was disappointing as I wanted to sledge down Primrose Hill. Living in Norfolk now and have been almost cut off in a village due to the snow…thankful for the thaw!


    1. I had intended to check weather and transport reports regularly, but I got absorbed in a huge pile of books in the basement of Daunt Books and was shocked to find a blizzard when I emerged. But it was an ok journey home, though the roads in St Albans were slow (but they always are!)


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  2. A nice landscape. Snow changes everything. i imagine the cold in London. Here in paris weather has dried up


    1. Oh dear, I forgot the caption (I’ve added it now) Yes, that was Regents Park this morning. More snow descended a few hours after that and I had to dash home before I got stuck in London. Home and warm now – thanks


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      1. Glad I helped with the caption. 🙂
        Snow is not that usual in London is it?
        So you live outside the city?
        It does feel unreal to know you guys are in such a cold when I look out my window. I don’t think I could take a European winter any more… Have a lovely warm week-end.


        1. London itself usually avoids the really cold weather, so this is quite unusual. But then it is the coldest weather I remember, and the driest snow.

          I live just north of London, in commuter land


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        2. It seems the whole of Europe is under snow. And people – at least in France – have forgotten how to deal with it.
          Good luck with the trains.


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