Lighthouse built high

Renovated lighthouse,  London,  February 2018

Lighthouses, albeit in their more traditional position, have caught the attention of authors as well as sailors.  There is a substantial number of novels and poems written over the centuries, that contain the name in their title.  Here’s an extract from one that I particularly like.

“Build high the lighthouse, Architect,
In beauty, strength, and might…
Day and night its lamp of light
Shall cast its cheerful glow,
And on the wrecking rocks its flame,
Like a burning rose, shall blow…”
– from Building the Lighthouse by Richard Sheldon Chadwick, c.1856

The London Lighthouse went through some less majestic days in its history. Dating back to 1875, this Grade II listed building reached the low of being placed on Historic England’s Buildings at Risk Register.  In its Victorian days, it is believed to have been a signal for fresh oysters, lighting its beam when produce arrived at Netten’s oyster bar down on the ground floor. The oysters have now been replaced by burgers.

There’s a glimpse below of the lighthouse in its less beautiful days in 2013, when renovation work was underway.





Copyright Debbie Smyth, 6 April 2018

Posted as part of Weekend in B&W

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