Reflection versus Reality

Birmingham New Street Station and Grand Central Shopping Centre,  June 2018




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 26 June 2018

Posted as part of  Wit’s End – Layers

4 thoughts on “Reflection versus Reality

  1. There’s a rare Beach Boys album, called “Holland”. The cover is a picture of a boat reflected in water, except the picture is upside down, so the wrinkly reflection is supposed to be real and the smooth boat is the reflection.
    It’s pretty much the only Beach Boys album I like.
    Your photo is great, I can’t fugure out how you did it. The sign is clear but the building is wrinkly.


    1. The sign at the top and the windows and entrance sign at the bottom are real. The rest is reflection, but the building is an odd shape, so it shows the reflections into extra wiggles!



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