Time leaves its patterns


Lines, curves, chips and ridges help us enjoy this old structure at a minute level as well as marvelling at its size and grandeur.



It also leaves its patterns outside; in a more ephemeral manner, with its 120 arches gracing the neighbouring streets with curvy shadows.

Les Arènes, Arles,  France,  July 2018




Copyright Debbie Smyth,  12 August 2018

Posted as part of Lens-Artists

14 thoughts on “Time leaves its patterns

  1. The grandeur of Arles! Very interesting and special choices – great shots for showing off the patterns as well. I must agree with Sue about the differences now and in the 70’s, and …I walked the top of Pont du Gard, in Swedish clogs – no way I would do that today.


  2. Hmmm, changed a bit since I was there…I would swear they have rebuilt some of the arches, and of course all that iron cage work has been added – health and safety.

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    1. Not sure about the arches, but much of the cagework is seating.
      I’m not sure how much the French focus on health and safety (not like us, certainly) but I was grateful for rails to hang onto to calm down my dizzy head!

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      1. The French never used to focus on safety…when I crawled across the top of the Pont du Gard (200feet above the Rhône), there were no railings, and at Arles I was free to walk across the walls around the Arena unhindered…. those were the days!


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