Small can be beautiful

Is this place familiar to you?

Mont St Michel model on display at Arbroath Abbey,  July 2018

It’s a tiny model of one of my favourite spots in France – Mont St Michel.

It consists of 100 of the tiniest Lego bricks and took 4 hours to build. The creator was Warren Elsmore, a professional Lego model builder, and author of a best-selling book, “Brick City”.

Whilst I do appreciate small things (well, I am small, so small is fantastic) I have to say I prefer the gravity-defying monastery at Mont St Michel in it’s truly dramatic and towering splendour.

Mont St Michel, Normandy,  September 2016



Copyright Debbie Smyth,  16 September 2018

Posted as part of Lens-Artists

11 thoughts on “Small can be beautiful

  1. I must echo you sentiment regarding the actual Mont St Michel, although my remark is based on hearsay I mean here see.
    I must disagree with the amount of Legos used though. For instance, assuming only the blue block was used and it is big as you lens shows then it is already 306 Legos… My disagreement is based on linguistics though; I am referring to the word lego appearing om each nib…
    And now I need a rest 🙂


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