Off to a Wonderful Wedding in Berlin

No need to dress up for this Wedding, it’s the name of a hip area of Berlin, not a marital event.  Picture1The district called me for a wander because it is known for its great selection of street art. So grab your comfy shoes, and hop on the U-bahn, S-bahn or bus to Wedding.


Just a warning, though: I did this walk over a year ago and some of the art may have changed since then – all images are from that walk in June 2017.

To get you in the mood for this street art walk, there is a mural right outside the U-bahn/S-bahn station, on Lynarstrasse. Be sure to look quickly, or they’ll spot you before you find them.

“Tree Children” by Victor Ash

Now we’re going to walk along Lindower Strasse and turn right onto Gerichtstrasse. We are looking for number 23, from where we meander through a few courtyards, enjoying the colourful art whilst hunting down Court V and Panke Culture.

Work of Caro Pepe

This maze of alleys and yards is a haven for street art, and in the summer you can grab a bite to eat at the bistro at the back.

From the back of Panke, we can wander out onto the bike path, Panke Radweg, that runs alongside the river. Turning left we can wander along here enjoying nature and street art combined.

Emerge out onto the roads once you have seen enough here, with the next target street being Turiner Strasse. Heading north along this residential street you’ll find a small park area between numbers 9 and 17. Looking down onto the garden is a giant face by American urban artist duo, James Bullough and Karl Addison, known as JBAK. In summer she peeks through the greenery of the trees, and the better view tends to be from out on the street.

“Woman” by JBAK

Opposite this woman, at the other end of the park is a mural by Dr Nice, a design company.


Now we’ll head to the junction with Utrecht Strasse and turn left. Towards the end be sure to peep between the buildings to spot a bright, six-story high mural in a courtyard. I couldn’t get too close at it was in a small car park and fenced off.

“Wonderful Wedding” of PAOD and Hannes Höhlig

Now we head on to Genter Strasse to find another giant mural, again hiding in a small car park, but this time in monochrome.

“Mental Vaporz” by BLO


That’s the end of our walk for today. We are very close to Seestrasse U-Bahn (line U6) station and there are buses and trams there too.

Before you go, I’ll leave you with a few video clips to allow you to meet some of the artists and their walls in creation. Most of the large murals we have discovered in this Wedding walk were created as part of the Wedding Walls Project in 2011. Given their age, they have survived very well.

“Woman” by JBAK:

“Mental Vaporz” by BLO:

“Wonderful Wedding” by Hannes Höhlig & PAOD

“Tree Children” by Victor Ash:



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 17 September 2018

Posted as part of Jo’s Monday Walks

13 thoughts on “Off to a Wonderful Wedding in Berlin

  1. There’s value for money! 4 videos too 🙂 🙂 I thought the pink one, in the style of those calendars whose artists name escapes me, might have been for Becky. 🙂 I found a couple of good ones in Newcastle on Saturday. (murals, not squares 🙂 ) Thanks a lot, Debs!


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