Osch in Welwyn Garden City

Chilean street artist, Otto Schade (aka Osch), has brightened up the water tanks at the previous Shredded Wheat factory in Welwyn Garden City. The fondly remembered building is under redevelopment and Osch was commissioned to deliver colour to the site, as part of  the plans to bring more public art to the city.

Osch’s “Say it with flowers” in Welwyn Garden City, September 2018

The tenth anniversary of the closure of the Welwyn Garden City Shredded Wheat factory  witnessed the demolition of many of the famous silos. Images of this iconic building used to decorate the boxes of this popular cereal and it was branded ‘Welgar” Shredded Wheat.

The original set of silos were at the factory were completed in 1926, with a second set, now being added in the 1930s. It was the slightly newer silos that were demolished in January 2018, as part of the plans to turn the site into an area of housing, workspace and community facilities.

The decorated water tanks
View from the railway footbridge



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 24 September 2018

Enjoying street art has become a regular event on my travels around the world: more of my findings can be seen here
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