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Dressed in white at the top of the Canton Tower, Guangzhou, November 2018

The views over Guangzhou from this 450 meter high terrace make this upper viewing deck of the Canton Tower a popular place for pre-wedding photos.  The clarity of view depends on the level of air-borne pollution but, clear view or not, the soon-to-be-married couples pick their spot, circled by tourists riding around in the bubble tram, and enjoy the moment.


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Thanks to everyone who brought us some circles last week – I am home now and have hopefully popped over to see all your contributions.  My head was certainly spinning with all your circles.  We had plenty of rolling circles, time-telling circles and festive circles; plus, Sue brought us some wine-related circles, Irene showed us a fascinating star, Maria agave us an enticing abstract, and Robert brought us a sink! 

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Next week’s theme will be anticipation, which hopefully fits well with this hectic time of year, and the approach of a new one.
Other forthcoming themes are listed here, and to see previous weeks of this challenge, click here




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 16 December 2018

Posted as part of  One Word Sunday

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  3. At least it’s not traditional. I am not sure if pre-wedding photos have arrived in Germany yet (we are usually a few years behind in these trends) but I totally agree with the lack of emotion (felt, if the photographer is good not necessarily seen). In Germany the photos are often taken between the ceremony and the reception, resulting in the couple having a grand, fashionably late entrance (eagerly awaited because everybody is hungry and thirsty). Of course, it sucks if the weather is rotten. And I’ve been to a wedding where the photos were taking during the reception with this group of the family, with that one, with those friends … the festivities were continually interrupted by the photographer calling another lot to be photographed. And the poor couple spent the whole afternoon posing.
    Okay, enough of “it used to be better” nattering. My contribution is as far away from a wedding photo that I could think (not intentionally, I had prepared it):

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  4. And it’s a huge industry now. With many couples travelling abroad for photos. The photos are the displayed and handed out at the actual wedding ceremony.
    There is an Australian documentary film, China Love, that looks at this. I haven’t been able to track down a copy to watch – worth looking out for I think

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  5. I find the whole “pre-wedding” photo industry really weird. I wonder if these (ordinary) people can bring any real emotion to a photo when they are surrounded by a camera crew (complete with hair and make-up people) and a bunch of other people with similar crews. It really blurs the lines between professional modelling and portraiture.

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