Lunar eclipse


At the weekend I wrote enthusiastically about the forthcoming total lunar eclipse and associated blood moon. I stayed up all night on Sunday, popping outside very now and then to monitor cloud cover and then take shots as the moon vanished into shadow.  Sadly, clouds threatened to steal the show in my part of the world, floating across the moon until they finally won the battle and solid clouds hid any hint of red once the eclipse was complete.

These photos were taken over St Albans, Hertfordshire, early morning 21 January 2019.




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 24 January 2019

Posted as part of Cee’s B&W: In the distance

11 thoughts on “Lunar eclipse

  1. I had kind of the opposite experience. We were told to expect total cloud cover…so disappointing.

    But for some reason, I peeked outside anyway and VOILA!! Clouds had cleared! What a stunning site! Unfortunately, I had not gone to my local “best view” place nor had I prepared cameras or anything so no good shots for me.


    1. It wasn’t easy to get a good view! The red wasn’t due until about 4:30 when the moon was fully eclipsed. Clouds obscured it completely for me but I watched it live on Royal Observatory Facebook where it was clear for a while. But the cloud obscured their view in the end as well.


        1. You must have been too late. The red colour is when it is in eclipse, so total shadow but a little bit of light still gets it through our atmosphere and the effect of our atmosphere makes it look red. I think it ended about 9:45 pm in California.


    1. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see the blood moon, but this part of the eclipse was good. I’m amazed they are this clear as there was a constant cloudy haze. Sorry to hear it was even worse for you, Cee


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