Crepuscular camels in Oman


Whilst camels are officially classed as diurnal, not crepuscular, animals, they are often dragged out for dawn and dusk treks for tourists who fancy a ride with views, and for photographers looking for a (slow) action shot. Perhaps that is why they are so grumpy when a rider climbs on board.

Dawn in the Wahiba Sands, Oman, December 2018



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 25 January 2019

Posted as part of Thursday Special: Crepuscular

15 thoughts on “Crepuscular camels in Oman

  1. Naa, camels are just bad tempered jerks, no matter what time of day. But while caravans are not really employed for transporting goods anymore, there are still camel herds (including herders) living in the Rub-al-khali, the great desert of the Arabian peninsula. You captured the mystique beautifully!

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    1. I think it is, though at least this sight matched the romance of books I had read before I went. These animals were up there for us, but away from this tourist area there would be some genuine caravans I believe.

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