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Pink beach in Oman

Al Suwadi Beach is a long, attractive stretch of sand about an hour out of Muscat, with an elegant watchtower keeping its eye on the coastline here. The tower is on an island that you can walk across to in low tide, but beware the rapidity of the return tide.

Before stopping off here on return to Muscat, I had read about the pink beach and its mass of pink shells, and was disappointed not to detect much pinkness as I wandered along.


Al Suwadi Beach, Oman, December 2018

If you look really closely at the shells, there is a hint of pink, but it’s not that obvious.


However, my colour disappointment was overcome by this charming fisherman who was happy to be photographed as he threw his net. He even sang us a song.


And then, just as I was leaving I found the pink I had hoped for!





Copyright Debbie Smyth, 16 February 2019

Posted as part of Photo a Week

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  1. The photos are stunning. With everyone editing their photos today it is a lot easier to be dissapointed when things don’t look that way in real life, but as long as we find something that catches our eye all is good and forgiven.


    • I’m not sure of the exact cause. I think you really need to find a huge clump of shells to really see the colour, and that depends in part of weather, strength of tides, etc. I also read about a couple of places in Oman with pink lakes, but they aren’t very pink either at the moment.

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