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Lucky eight and a giant spiral


Atrium in the Jin Mao Tower,  Shanghai,  May 2018

The Jin Mao Tower is 420.5 metres tall and is home to offices in the lower part, plus the Grand Hyatt Shanghai hotel at the top.  The hotel is best known for its massive barrel-shaped atrium, which spirals up from the 56th to the 87th floor. This vast open space measures 27 metres in diameter and around 115 metres in height.

The tower as a whole has 88 floors (93 if you count the extra five in the spire).  It is built around an octagon-shaped concrete core surrounded by 8 exterior composite columns, 8 exterior steel columns and has three sets of 8 outrigger trusses. I can’t tell you what all of that means, other than lots of luck from the number eight.

My spinning head didn’t feel particularly lucky as I perched over the top of the atrium with my camera, but we both survived!




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 6 March 2019

Posted as part of Tuesday Photo Challenge

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