Sad farewell to Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf exhibition at Rencontres 2017, Arles, France, August 2017

Michael Wolf (1954 – 2019) captured the life of cities with great intensity. Whether it was his up-close work, such as the exhausted faces on the Tokyo metro, or the condensed high rise accommodation in Hong Kong, or the more distant rooftops of Paris, the life of the city was there for us to feel, imagine and understand.

I had seen a lot of his work online and in books, and was lucky to see it in person at Rencontres 2017. The people and buildings of Tokyo and Hong Kong, contrasted splendidly with its setting in an old church in Arles. His work has had an impact on my own photography, and also helped me to look more closely and from a different angle during my recent trip to Hong Kong.

Michael Wolf – Tokyo Compression
Michael Wolf – Architecture of Density
Michael Wolf – The Real Toy Story

Sadly, Wolf died on 24 April 2019, in Hong Kong, but he has left behind a feast of wonderful work for us to enjoy and continue to be inspired by.


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 30 April 2019


7 thoughts on “Sad farewell to Michael Wolf

    1. 🙂 I never think that of you, Jo
      as for me knowing him a) I’m lucky to have been to the huge Arles exhibition a few times (the lazy way to see photography) and b) his work was my kind of photography so it stuck in my head.

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