Daunt Books in Marylebone is one of my favourite spots in London. Given a spare hour or two, I’ll head on over for a mooch amongst their wide range of books. Their travel section is a particular attraction, with fact and fiction intermingled in each country section, but there’s plenty more to keep me turning the pages.

Daunt Books, Marylebone High Street, London, May 2019

The setting gives almost as much pleasure as the books – true harmony in this Edwardian bookshop.

Light spreads down from the sunlights, whilst the old oak balconies give warmth and solidity. I usually grab a pile of books that appeal and tuck myself away in a comfy chair, to study my findings and decide which ones to buy and which to add to my list for future visits.



Copyright Debbie Smyth,  5 May 2019

Posted as part of Lens-Artists

15 thoughts on “Harmony

  1. Great spot to browse. I know several ‘interesting atmospheric’ bookshops I have spent too much time in. But I do also feel guilty when more often than not I walk out without buying. It is bad really as I do love books, I read reviews and if inspired tend to order on line. Bad I know….but!


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