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A Mediterranean Tunnel

Not much is known about Mateo, aka MTO, who created the giant mural seen on this car park wall in Sliema. He keeps his location and his plans private, but his work is worth a close look.

Sliema, Malta, March 2019

MTO was born and spent his early years and France, before spending about 7 years in Berlin, which he left in 2013. He now lives in ” ‘Nowhere’, Planet Earth”. Much of his work consists of large scale, photo-realistic works, often grey scaled portraits with a red outline or a splash of red. This choice of style is due to the influence of his father, a keen photographer – black and white photos and the red light of a dark room have had their impact on this street artist.

It is clear to the viewer that he works hard to make his murals reflect the town or country in which he is working, and there is usually a political message behind his art. This man escaping the car park in Malta, is escaping into a tunnel, it turns out. The work is called “The Mediterranean Tunnel” and refers to the reported unwillingness of Malta to accept immigrants.

It is an unusual work, as it comes in two parts: the guy climbing into the tunnel has a long path to follow, as he does not emerge until he reaches Sapri, about 700 kilometres away, in Italy. I would love to see his exit in person, but for now I can only show you the image here.

The car park in Sliema is now a building site – for what, I don’t know – and my presence with camera wasn’t welcomed. Let’s hope the mural is not going to be hidden.





Copyright Debbie Smyth, 6 May 2019

Enjoying street art has become a regular event on my travels around the world: more of my findings can be seen here
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  1. Hi Debbie. Nice post. I recommend Lodz in Poland to you (pronounced ‘Wutch’) They have an international grattitti festival each year and have some great street murals. Thanks for post. MB

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  2. Huge and so life like Debbie!
    Love that he comes out the other side of the wall in Italy, what a great work of art.
    Thanks for participating.

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  3. Great capture with the man on the left nicely adding to your shot! I am always impressed by how much you find out about the artists, Debbie!


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