Lost Sock Memorial Day

Today is the day to commemorate our lost socks. A minute’s silence, a fond farewell, and then throw away the loners that we have hung onto in the hope their siblings would return!

Moomin and Hello Kitty socks in Gamcheon Culture Village, South Korea, April 2018

I’ve been trying to persuade my daughter to follow this tradition, but she isn’t eager. And she’ll be even less keen on tomorrow’s National Day: Clean Up Your Room Day. Seriously!




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 9 May 2019


19 thoughts on “Lost Sock Memorial Day

  1. In our household we are of the opinion that lone socks are responsble for their lonely state: they should have made sure that their other half stayed with them or alternatively, they should have disappeared in the wild blue yonder with their mate. One or the other. Socks have an obligation to stay together. If they are negligent in their duty, they have to serve time, filled with heavy labour (as polishing rags for shoes, furniture, jewellery, and the like).

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  2. Use those lone socks. They still have a place in this world even though their partner is in the Great Odd Sock Layer that orbits the Earth. Tell your daughter that wearing odd socks is cool so they get a bit of life 🙂

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