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Art on the streets of Athens

Greece has been struggling its way out of a serious economic crisis for the last decade. It requested its first bailout in 2010 and has been reliant on international creditors from 2010 till August 2018. I felt some improvement on my trip there earlier this year, but it is clear that many are still not feeling that effect. Nor, are they believing that it is coming.

Many have taken to expressing their frustrations openly, with paint.

Athens, February 2019

Some have taken to using paint to express social statements in striking art, often in giant proportions.

“System of Fraud” by Greek artist, Ino.

Local authorities have starting to issue street art permits to encourage work in areas of the city that need brightening, and others have commissioned works for similar reasons.

There are strong messages of warning to be seen as you wander, but there is also optimism and beauty on the walls. Hopefully, it gives hope to those who are finding it hard to see their future in Athens.

“Praying Hands” by Pavlos Tsakonas and Kretsis Crew
Work of Alexandros Vasmoulakis



Copyright Debbie Smyth,  12 May 2019

Posted as part of Lens-Artists and Monday Mural

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  1. Loved the huge murals – System of fraud and Praying Hands. I feel for the Greeks, it’s been a long fight to get the economy going.
    Thanks for contributing with so many great murals Debbie.

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  2. It is good they show their anger and fear.
    In Germany it is said “the Greek” are using up our money, which is neither true nor fair.
    It´s all our politicians and big bosses who can misuse everything and don´t have to fear any consequences. Just look at Winterkorn. He lied in VW-Diesel affair and took millions with him, too. Merkel welcoming anyone without checking if testified and taking no IDs (I had to give mine).
    It´s very good the people in Greece stand up and fight with art.
    I sometimes wish I was artistic. And would fight (I will. With help I´ll receive end of May. Till then I get no money).

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  3. Hi, Debbie. I love the range of emotions here. A great collection. The larger-than-life ones are especially moving. I haven’t visited that part of the world yet. There’s always more to see….

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