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Meet Mikglor

Mikglor having fun in Brick Lane, London, February 2019

Mikglor, the fellow with only one shoe, is the creation of Brazilian street artist, Mauricio Glor. Mikglor was created in 2012 and was based on Mickey Mouse. He is a cute character, out investigating our crazy world, often with one eye out of its socket.

Brick Lane, London, February 2019
Brick Lane, London, February 2019




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 27 April 2019

Enjoying street art has become a regular event on my travels around the world: more of my findings can be seen here
For even more art, pop over to see Sami at Monday Mural

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  1. Here’s what this makes me think of: “In Greek mythology the Graeae (/ˈɡraɪiː/; English translation: “old women”, “grey ones”, or “grey witches”; alternatively spelled Graiai (Γραῖαι) and Graiae), also called the Grey Sisters, and the Phorcides (“daughters of Phorcys”), were three sisters who shared one eye and one tooth among them.” Quote from Wikipedia. They past the eye from hand to hand. Just like your little guy though I don’t think he had anyone to share it with.

    best… mae at

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  2. Huhhh 🙂
    One eye out of the socket. That “hurts” just reading or seeing it!
    There was a time I wore contact lenses and had dreams of huge ones I managed to get into my eyes, brrr… You brought back some memories! 😉


    • It’s often hard to say what the commentary is (for me, anyway!) but I do like the way disability seems to become a new ability in this character. And I like it when I have a new character to watch out for on my wanderings 🙂

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