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Oh, the places I’ll go

This week Jennifer has asked us to talk about, and display, a place we’d love to return to. My list is long! But I finally decided to show Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, April 2017

It’s a city that I know pretty well; one that I’ve visited many times over the last 15 years; a city that I love for many reasons; and one that I don’t have many good photos of.

I got to know the city long before I discovered photography, and recently my trips have been more quick visits on business rather than trips to explore and capture. But I’m heading out there again soon and I’ve added a few days to myself at both the beginning and end of the trip. Heaven!

Passeig de Colom, Barcelona, April 2017

So what are my plans? Well, I’ll be enjoying my favourite bars, cafes and restaurants, for sure. And, I’ll be practicing the language (probably my usual muddled and stilted mix of Catalan and Castilian!)

Encants Vells flea market, Barcelona, August 2018

Needless to say, I also have a few things I particularly want to focus on with my camera. I’m planning some night photography, a good exploration of the Encants Vells flea market, and a wander around Poblenou, an area sometimes known as Catalan Manchester.  This part of Barcelona was once full of small factories, that fell into disuse and disrepair; it is now being revitalized in an attempt to recapture the spirit of its industrial heyday, with plans for it to become the city’s technological and innovation district. You might guess that it is currently an exciting spot to find street art!

Poblenou, Barcelona, August 2018

Plus, there are a few new things on my list, including Casa Vicens and the view from Turó de la Rovira. All being well, I’ll have some images to share with you later this month.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 10 June 2019

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