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Short circuit with a view

Today it’s a very short walk with liquid sustenance – the best way to treat a Monday walk on a hot, sunny day.

A couple of weeks ago, my upward gazing had spotted a rooftop that looked worth a visit. Today, I’m taking you for a very short walk around that roof.

We’ll start out at Glories metro, or the tram station next door, walk past the towering Torre Glories (aka Torre Agbar) and head to the black and white hotel that you can see in the image below.

Glories area of Barcelona, June 2019

The hotel even has a clear sign to its rooftop bar, so just hop in the lift and pop up to the top of the Gates Hotel. Fingers crossed it’s not closed for a private event. Now grab some refreshment and enjoy the view. Be sure to wander around as buildings hide from view behind some of the structures on the roof. And I’ll warn you that early evening the sun can be a problem for taking in the Torre Glories itself.

Looking towards Glories metro, with view of Design Hub aka The Stapler
View along Diagonal

There’s a good view in every direction, but watch you don’t fall into the pool.

If you gaze towards the sea, you can see cargo and cruise ships out there and also catch a glimpse of the funicular.

View to sea (funicular top right)

And be sure to take a good look down at some of the newer buildings – some great shapes and designs.

And of course you can’t miss the Torre Glories.

You are also probably wondering about the Sagrada Familia? It is visible too, with its towers and mass of cranes, but it was right in the descending sun so I can’t share an image with you. At least that will leave you a good excuse to do this tiny walk yourself.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 24 June 2019

Posted as part of Jo’s Monday Walks

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